Nocerbia 100% Italiano

Our natural love on your table with 100% Italian Nocerbia extra virgin olive oil. 
nocerbia upo 100 italiano sciacca

It is a superior category of olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures.

It is a Blend Olive Oil, a Sicilian blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oils derived from Nocellara del Belice which is an olive with a roundish shape, of an intense green color with a soft and dense pulp that gives it a fruity and very delicate flavor, from the Cerasuola olive that gives off a pretty fragrance strong with a prevalence of bitter and spicy and Biancolilla olive that gives the taste of almond and tomato, but also with influences deriving from the artichoke..

In this way we obtain a product aimed at enhancing the Sicilian characteristics of these types of olives, amalgamating the flavors and aromas of different cultivars; donating to the consumer a sublime sensory experience, which, starts from perfumes and pleasures of the Sicilian territories, giving a valuable result.
The need for extra virgin olive oil blend comes from the idea that there is no better and exclusive quality of olives in nature, we have an extraordinary olive-rich richness, fusing cultivars such as Nocellara di Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla, distinguished in order to give life to an exalted and fascinating product with different intonations.
The 100% Italian Nocerbia extra virgin olive oil is available in 500ml bottle sizes 750 ml and 3L and 5L oil can.