Nocerbia ORGANIC

NOCERBIA ORGANIC is an extra virgin olive oil "NATURAL"..

Nocerbia Biologico certificato Codex

In general, extra virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively by pressing olives without chemical additions as in other types of oil and the acidity level is always less than 1%.

This would already be enough to make the consumer choice on organic extra virgin olive oil.

UPO Sicilia for this product uses Organic Biaconlilla, a quality IGP Sicily, and for this label we use the Biancolilla olives produced in the countryside of the mountainous areas of Caltabellotta (AG).

It is a delicate, intense green oil with a little bitter taste and a medium spicy, perceiving hints of fruit and excellent persistence and with nutritional substances, protective cells and guarantees the integrity of all antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, K, D, polyphenols, linoleic fatty acid and beta carotene..

Give more assimilation by of the organism and a higher digestibility than the common extra virgin olive oil.

The ideal condiment for those who love to be in shape with a genuine diet.

NOCERBIA ORGANIC is an extra virgin olive oil subjected to extremely strict controls:
from the olive harvest to extraction and conservation; every process is strictly controlled to attribute the "organic farming" guarantee mark to the oil.

This extra virgin olive oil is certified by IT BIO 002 Agriculture Italy issued by Codex s.r.l.

On request, UPO Sicilia can supply the NOCERBIA ORGANIC product with the typical composition of the Nocerbia line, ie with 25% Nocellara del Belice olives, 45% Cerasuola and 30% Biancolilla.

The olive harvest takes place during the autumn: October - November with the use of an electric shaker or manual harvesting.

The continuous cycle milling method at controlled temperature with cold extraction. Ideal for fish and it goes well with Mediterranean salads and vegetables.

Packaging: ml bottle 500 | 750 or 3L can