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NOCERBIA: IGP SICILIA: Real 100% Sicilian Extra Vergin Olive Oil

The line of extra virgin olive oil of UPO Sicilia Cooperativa Sociale called NOCERBIA has "SICILIA IGP cultivars".

The connoisseurs of oils, tasting the extra virgin olive oil NOCERBIA immediately perceive that it is a Sicilian product.

The composition of the extra virgin olive oil Nocerbia line is made with 15% of Nocellara del Belice olives, 40% Cerasuola and the remaining part of Biancolilla olives.

The olive harvest takes place during the autumn: October - November with the use of an electric shaker or manual harvesting, avoiding polluting plants by using equipment powered with petroleum / chemical derivatives..

Extraction method continuous cycle milling at controlled temperature with cold extraction. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Nocerbia" for its organoleptic characteristics lends itself to various gastronomic preparations.

The fruity and strong bitter note recommends using it raw on green salads and cooked vegetables, especially if they have bitter notes like chicory and thistle.

For its strong perception of bitterness it is also recommended in typical sauces used for red meat and grilled white and blue fish, such as "salmoriglio" or "pinzimonio".

The high content of oleic acid and phenolic compounds make this oil stable and is therefore recommended for all frying, especially breaded to which it adds organoleptic pleasantness.

The main organoleptic descriptors of the varieties

Nocellara del Belìce –The most unripe or just ripe fruits give rise with olive oils with a fruity high olfactory intensity that evoke the smell of thistle or artichoke and often also of green tomato.
The taste they generally have pleasant bitter and spicy perceptions also of medium-high intensity.
When the olives are more mature, the oils are always olfactory-gustatory intensity but more delicated when tasted.

Cerasuola – The most unripe fruits or as soon as they ripen, they give rise to olive oils with a high olfactory intensity of fruit, reminiscent of the perfumes of fresh grass, green tomato and artichoke.

The taste can be decidedly bitter and spicy, but overall well harmonized.

From the more the olives are mature, on the other hand, the oils will have an intense olfactory and gustatory intensity and are obtained with evident perceptions of ripe tomatoes and sometimes of oregano or other aromatic plants..

Biancolilla - It is a variety that can produce oils with sensations of variable fruitiness from medium-intense to light. In addition to the level of maturation the olfactory-gustatory characters of its oils are influenced by climate and soil.

In the inner areas of the municipalities of Caltabellotta and Burgio, medium-sized products are generally produced with distinct odorous perceptions of green almond or walnut, fresh grass and artichoke.

The bitter and spicy taste perceptions are normally light but well balanced with the other organoleptic descriptors. From the more mature fruits we obtain oils with an olfactory-gustatory intensity, medium to light, reminiscent of almond and fresh grass.