Production Area


NOCERBIA's HOME: The south of Sicily per high quality Extra vergin Olive Oil.

The agricultural area interested in our cultivation of olives to get our extra virgin olive oil are Caltabellotta, Menfi and Burgio which are located in the province of Agrigento, or the part "South of Sicily".

The terraces of Sciacca and Menfis are located on the hills around the coast at about 60 meters above sea level, while Caltabellotta is located at 949 m above sea level.

Burgio, at 317 m above sea leve, is the town that derives its characteristic physiognomy from being placed on a triangular pendulum at the confluence of the Garella valley and the Torrente Tina and on the left side of the river Verdura.

The average annual temperature is around 16 ° C, with an average annual temperature range of around 12 ° C; The hottest months are July and August, with average temperatures of 25-26 ° C, while the lowest temperatures reach 11.7 ° C. An optimal temperature for olive trees.

The main agricultural activity carried out in Sciacca is olive growing.

The main characteristic shared by these municipalities is the fragrance of the oil product.