UPO Sicilia Cooperativa Sociale is a member of UNAPROL, the Italian Olive Consortium, which is a joint stock company.

upo unaprol

It is the largest association of the olive oil sector at national and Community level. It represents the interests of 250 thousand associated companies in Italy, divided into territorial economic organizations with 230 thousand hectares in quality production.

It has always been committed to supporting olive production with multiple supply chain tracking activities, quality improvement, improvement of the environment, promotion events, information and education, market analysis and marketing support.

 UPO Sicilia and UNAPROL have the same objectives:

  • enhance the olive and oil production of its members, identify rational techniques aimed at improving quality and carry out market surveys for promotion and marketing;
  • the identification of rational and environmentally friendly production techniques;
  • the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the product;
  • the concentration and storage of the offer;
  • marketing on a national and international level;
  • the assistance and coordination of the activities of the consortium organizations;
  • the promotion and promotion of quality and consumption through the adoption of traceability and product certification systems;
  • the implementation of national and international projects and operational programs;
  • ensure traceability along the entire production chain of olive oil, also monitoring compliance with regional, national and EU production regulations.

This is to guarantee the genuineness and origin of their oils and their olives.

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