IGP Sicilia

UPO Sicilia Cooperativa Sociale, from the 2016 olive oil campaign, adheres to the IGP Sicilia, as it is a strong, effective and unique tool to affirm the origin of our extra virgin olive oil and the Sicily brand.

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The IGP Sicilia is the tool to subtract the extra virgin Sicilian oil from products created with oils from various parts of Italy or even in some cases from different Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece or Tunisia and is certification for the enhancement centered on the origin and on the territory of production.

So an IGP Sicilia is a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil with protected geographical indication, certification that guarantees that the olives have been harvested in the territories of the municipalities of our Mediterranean island.

The cultivars of Biancolilla, Cerasuola, and Nocellara del Belice that produce NOCERBIA extra-virgin olive oil are part of the IGP Sicilia certification.

The Indication Geographical Protected (IGP) Sicilia", is reserved to the extra virgin olive oil that meets the following conditions and the requirements established by the production disciplinary of the Sicily Region.

The "Sicilia IGP" must be obtained from the following olive cultivars present, alone or jointly in the olive groves:
Aitana, Biancolilla, Bottone del Gallo, Brandofino, Calatina, Cavalieri, Cerasuola, Crastu, Erbano, Giarraffa, Lumiaru, Marmorigna, Minuta, Moresca, Nasitana, Nerba, Nocellara del Belice, Nocellara etnea, Nocellara messinese, Ogliarola messinese, Olive tree of Mandanici , Piricuddara, Santagatese, Tonda iblea, Vaddarica, Verdello, Verdese, Zaituna and their synonyms.

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Other unthreaded cultivars and can also be accepted if present in the fields of Sicilian olive trees.

The environmental conditions and cultivation of olive groves intended for the production of the IGP Sicily, must be those traditional and ordinary of the area and, in any case, with specific qualitative characteristics of the sicilian territory.

The planting of olive trees, the distances, the forms of farming and pruning systems must be rational from an agronomic point of view, not to modify the qualitative characteristics of olives and oil.

The olive harvest for the production of the IGP Sicilia, is carried out in the period between September 1 and January 30 of the following year.

The maximum unit production allowed, can not exceed the quantity of 100 quintals of olives per hectare.
For more information on the specification, please consult the SICILIA IGP production specification or contact the UPO Sicilia offices at the Sciacca office.

Disciplinare di produzione IGP SICILIA